The Art Students League of New York - New York City - 1951-1953

Apprenticeship with Hans Hofmann - Provincetown - Massachusetts - 1953-1954

Apprenticeship with Raphael Soyer - The new School for Social Research - New York City 1954-1955 


Art Forum, Los Angeles, California 1969-1971

Jodi Scully Gallery. Los Angeles, California, 1971-1973

David Stuart Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 1974-1976

Denise Rene Gallery, New York City, 1972-1973

Art Expo, Los Angeles, California 1973

Bodley Gallery, New York City, 1975-1977

Max Hutchinson Gallery, Houston, Texas, 1980

Max Hutchinson Gallery, New York City, 1979-1981

Gallery of The Inner Artist, San Francisco, California 1985-1986


Alvin Alley Dance Company, New York City Poster "Festival of The Three Bridges"

Mount Zion Hospital, San Francisco, California - Mural (20' x 8') on "History of Judaism" 1976 - Lithograph "Celebration of Judaism" 1976

Mobil School, San Francisco, California, Lithograph, Poster 1978

COLLECTORS (Public and Corporate)

Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York City, NY -- San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA -- San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA -- San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA -- Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, CT -- Jewish Museum, New York City, NY - The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life, Berkeley, CA -- Skirball Museum, LA, CA -- Cultural Center Manila, Republic of The Philippines -- Educational Alliance. New York City, NY -- City of Hope, Los Angeles, CA -- Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith, Los Angeles, CA -- Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center, San Francisco, CA -- Jewish Federation, San Francisco, CA -- City Hall, Los Angeles, CA. Presidential Palace, Israel 

COLLECTORS (Private - Partial List)

Huntington H. Hartford, New York City -- Mayor Tom Bradley, Los Angeles -- Carlos Faustino, Council General of The Philippines -- Countess Toto Badini, Milan, Italy -- Milt Moskowitz, San Francisco, CA --Senator John Tunney, Los Angeles, CA -- Richard Donner, Los Angeles -- Michael Ansara, Los Angeles -- Nehemiah and Tria Persoff, Cambria, CA -- Harvey Cantor, MD, Bel Air, CA -- Paul Jenkins, Los Angeles -- Herb Jeffries, Los Angeles -- Freddy Stewart, Los Angeles -- Ric Marlow, Palm Springs, CA -- Danny Dayton, LA -- Mayor George Moscone, San Francisco, CA -- Sammy Davis, Jr., Los Angeles -- George Maharis, Los Angeles -- Harry Guardino, Los Angeles -- John Erickson, Los Angeles -- Sandy Baron, New York City -- Paul Winchell, Los Angeles -- Dick Bakalyan, Los Angeles -- Alvin Ailey II, New York City -- Mickey and Irene Ross, Los Angeles -- Ethel Wynant, Los Angeles -- Dick Gregory, New York City -- Helen and Paul Gayle, Los Angeles -- Clifton McNeil, Washington DC -- Mitchell Kapor, Cambridge, MA -- Tim Gallway, Los Angeles