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Shertz went from figurative works in the 60’s and 70’s, to semi-abstract in the 80’s, to mostly abstract works starting in 1990, with a new creative process. He called the works from this period his “Art of the Unconscious” Throughout his lifetime, Shertz always painted spontaneously and automatically without any preconceived ideas. However, with his works from the 90’s forward, he reached a new dimension, working from what he called the “Unconscious”.  In his new “Art of the Unconscious”, the works are extremely intricate. It is hard to imagine that these works were not initially composed or planned, but the images flowed from the artist “like notes would, giving birth to symphonies”.  Max wrote a series of essays about his new artistic process titled Frontiers of Ecstasy where the following quotes are taken from:

Art is Simplicity, purity and truth.

All pure fine art is unleashed by the mystical unconscious and is wondrous and magical.

Art calls you, like an obsession, a compulsion, and an inner implosion spreading its electric energy throughout your being.

I do not wish to imitate nature and do not want any external motive for my creations. I will not work towards a material end. My art will not equate bareness and be transitory. I will unleash deep and prophetic strength.

My art was never meant to be approached intellectually, conceptually, or by analyses but experientially and emotionally with the hope that one of those roads will lead you to a passageway into the mystical unconscious

Work from the 90's Forward