The Art Students League of New York, 
New York City, 1951-1953

Apprenticeship with Hans Hofmann
Provincetown, Massachusetts: 1952-1954

Apprenticeship with Raphael Soyer
The New School for Social Research
New York City 1954-1955


Art Forum, Los Angeles California, 1969-1971
Jodi Scully Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 1971-1973
David Stuart Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 1974-197
Denise Rene Gallery, New York City, 1972-1973
Bodley Gallery, New York City, 1975-1977
Max Hutchinson Gallery, Houston, Texas, 1980
Max Hutchinson Gallery, New York City, 1979-1981
Gallerie of the Inner Artist, San Francisco, 1985-1986

Group show of Max Shertz and Boris Deutsch

Art Forum, Los Angeles California, 1969

Collections: (Public, Corporate)

Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York City, New York
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, California
San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, California
San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, California
Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Jewish Museum, New York City, New York
The Magnes collection of Jewish art and life, Berkeley, California
Skirball Museum, Los Angeles, California
Cultural Center Manila, Republic of the Philippines
Educational Alliance, New York City, New York
City of Hope, Los Angeles, California
Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, Los Angeles, California
Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center, San Francisco, California
Jewish Federation, San Francisco, California
City Hall, Los Angeles, California
State of Israel, President’s Residence, Jerusalem, Israel
The Royal Family, Their Royal Highness King Baudouin and Queen
Fabiola of the Belgium, The Palace

Collections: (Private) partial list

Huntington H. Hartford, New York City, New York (Philantropist, filmaker and art collector)
Mayor Tom Bradley, Los Angeles, California (Mayor of Los Angeles from 1973 to 1993)
Major General Frank Sax, New York City, New York
Carlos Faustino, Council General and Ambassador of the Philippines to San Francisco (1970-1972)
Hans Tanner, Consul General, Switzerland
Naomi Gann, Cultural Attached to Israel, Los Angeles, California
Countess Toto Badini, Milan, Italy
Chief Thunder, Imre, Nevada (Creator of Thunder Mountain)
Milt Moskowitz, San Francisco, California (Author)
Senator John Tunney, Los Angeles, California (US Senator from California 1971-1977)
Alex Nagel, New York City, New York
Richard Donner, Los Angeles, California (Film Director, Film Producer and Comic Book Writer)
Michael Ansara, Los Angeles, California (Stage, Screen and Voice Actor)
Nehemiah and Tria Persoff, Cambria, California (Nehemiah: Film and Television Actor) 
Dr. Harvey and Joan Canter, Bel Air, California (Harvey: Doctor to many Hollywood celebrities)
Paul Jenkins, Los Angeles, California (Actor)
Herb Jeffries, Los Angeles, California (Jazz and Popular Singer and Actor)
Boris Deutsch, Los Angeles, California (Artist, Teacher, Muralist and Movie Set Designer)
Freddy Stewart, Woodland Hills, California (Comedian)
Ric Marlow, Palm Springs California (Actor, Songwriter and Singer)
Danny Dayton, Los Angeles, California (Actor and Television Director)
Judie and Hal Belmont, San Rafael, California
Mayor George Moscone, San Francisco, California (Mayor of San Francisco 1976-1978)
Dr. Peter Lavalle, San Francisco, California
David Rotman, Mediator, San Francisco, California
Sammy Davis Jr., Los Angeles, California (Actor, Singer)
Jim Buckley, New York City, New York
George Maharis, Los Angeles, California (Actor)
Ray Danton, Los Angeles, California (Radio, Film, Stage, Television Actor, Director and Producer)
Harry Guardino, Los Angeles, California (Actor, Stage, Films and Television)
John Erickson, Los Angeles, California
Sandy Baron, New York City, New York (Comedian, Stage, Films, Television)
Paul Winchell, Los Angeles, California (Ventriloquist, Actor and Comedian)
Dick Bakalyan, Los Angeles, California (Actor)
Alvin Ailey II, New York City, New York
Laurendo Almeida, Los Angeles, California (Classical and Jazz Guitarist)
Fay De Witt, Los Angeles, California (Actress)
Mickey and Irene Ross, Los Angeles, California (Television Producers)
Andras L. Maros, Santa Monica, California
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dietz, Tacoma, Washington
Ethel and H. M. Wynant, Los Angeles, California (Ethel: Casting Director Television)
Alan Emerson, Los Angeles, California
Dick Gregory, New York City, New York (Comedian, Social Activist and Writer)
Eric Estrada, Studio City, California (Actor)
Helen and Paul Gayle, Los Angeles, California (Helen: Representing Estrada and Paul: Actor)
Jack Reilly, Los Angeles, California
Clifton McNeil, Washington D.C. (Football Player and NFL Leader in 1968)
San Schermer, Los Angeles, California
Jerome and Gloria Sklerov, Woodland Hills, California
Dr. Alexander Gerstel, Los Angeles, California
Dr. Lenny Gluckson, Los Angeles, California
David Niven, San Francisco, California (Noted Civil Rights Attorney)
Judith Kyle, Los Angeles, California
Dr. Robert Mostovoy, San Francisco, California
Grumbacher Collection, New York City, New York
Dr. Stevanne and Donald Fink, San Francisco, California (Stevanne: Educator, Writer)
Robert Farrell, Los Angeles, California (Assistant to Mayor Tom Bradley)
Mitchell and Ellen Kapor, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Lotus (Mitchell: Founder of Lotus Development Corporation)
Tim and Sally Gallwey, Malibu, California (Tim Gallway:  Author)
Gary Abrams, Los Angeles, California
Suzanne Taylor, Los Angeles, California
Glenn Kessler, Los Angeles, California


Alvin Ailey Dance Company, New York City
    Poster "Festival of The Three Bridges" 1971

Mount Zion Hospital, San Francisco, California
    Mural [20’ x 8’] on History of Judaism, 1976
    Lithograph "Celebration of Judaism" 1976

Mobil School, San Francisco California
    Lithograph, Poster, 1978

Gallerie of the Inner Artist. San Francisco, California
   Poster “Wind Up Warrior” 1985 

Nichols Winery and Cellars – Masterpiece Artists Series