Self Portrait 1984 25x21 Acrylic
Christiane 1994 Mixed Medium
Self Portrait 1987 32x29 Pastel
Edie In Gold 1977 Acrylic
Blowing Bubbles [Self Portrait] 1975 Acrylic
March Of My Years 1972 Acrylic
Christiane 1974 Mixed Medium
Christiane 1975 Mixed Medium
Edie 1984 Acrylic
Self Portrait 1975 24x18 Acrylic
Joshua 1984 Acrylic
Self Portrait 1988 24x18 Mixed Medium
Max And His Bird 1983 Mixed Medium
Max At The Beaubourg Museum Paris France 1993
The Artist In His Studio 1980 Etching [colored by Christiane Shertz]
Christiane 1993 14x12 Mixed Medium
Edie 1984 30x24 Acrylic
Christiane 1975 Pastel
Sitting By The Window Of The Unconscious 1995 36x24
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